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The length of this hair extension is 16 inches, not so long, not so short, so harmonic.

It is also wavy shaped, weft so that you can not only use it conveniently, but also look so smoothing and light-weighted.

It is proven to have no knits, no insects and short hair inside.

Available colors now are black, brown, light brown, yellow and mixed highlight.

Can 16 inches weave wavy hair cover all the back?

The length of 16 inch seems to be very long to a lot of people, especially who are familiar to their short hair. But actually 16 inches in length is not that long. It might cover 1/2 of the back but not all. It is true that the waves of the hair extension look thick. It makes we feel it can cover all back but it does not.

16 inches weave wavy hair is now on the hot trend. It is the hair that Hollywood stars adore but also the favorite hair style of young people. With the waves it has, wavy hair extensions gives the feeling of fullness, strength and feminine. That is the reason why most women in the world opt for this style for a long time.

Is 16 inches and 18 inches weave wavy hair different?

The difference between these two types of hair extension is not much. As you can probably imagine by its names, they are both weave wavy hair. The only difference here is the length of them.

Although some people might assume that 2 inches can’t make and any changes between them, they are not similar. 16 inches is shorter and that’s why it looks much lighter than its counterpart. On the other hand, 18 inches hair, though it is not so much longer, looks much thicker and heavier. It seems that 18 inches can cover all the back.

Other features of the hair such as what it is made of (100% human hair), what it looks like and how it is weft are all the same.

How long will it last?

16 inches weave wavy hair can last for about one year. Of course if you take care of it carefully, it will last longer.

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Some people tend to be confused about how to take care of their 16 inches weave wavy hair extensions. Don’t worry about it, I will give you some advice that can help you to have long-lasting hair 16 inches weave wavy hair extensions.

As you know that the two things that everyone use for hair care is shampoos and conditioners. This is true because they help to keep the hair soft, strong and smooth. The shampoo will clear the dirt and perspiration on the hair when you wear it. For the long run, it will help to keep the origin look of the hair. Of course, I don’t think that there is anyone who wants their hair to smell stinky, right?

Besides, I think moisturized shampoo might be the priority. As you probably know that hair extensions is often dried more than real hair since it has been cut away from the scalp.

Secondly, it would be a good idea to use hair conditioners for hair extensions. Like shampoos, conditioners will help the hair to maintain longer and more beautiful. You should use hair conditioners to keep the smoothness of the hair and also to maintain the appearance of the hair. However, you need to use it with a suitable amount.

Using both shampoos and conditioners to take care of your hair seems to be a great idea. Anyway, there is something that you need to remember about this. That is, you don’t need to use it very often or overuse it. You know what, if you clear the hair so often, it will be lost and become dryer. You just need to clean it every a couple of day so that it will not get dirty.

Alongside with shampoos and conditioners, you can make some homemade hair masks for your 16 inches weave wavy hairextensions. Some vegetables such as avocados, olive oil or coconut oil are very healthy to the hair. Try to make some of them now to have a better hair care at home.

Talking about hair extensions of Apohair, you might assume that we have only 16 inches wavy hair, but actually we have more than that. We also have straight hair and curly hair. I think it would be better if I say a little bit about straight hair.

16 inches weave wavy hair and 16 inches weave straight hair, which one is better?

Straight hair is the hair which is believed to be the most natural hair ever. As most people were born with their straight hair, whenever they talk about something natural or virgin, they think about black, straight hair.

Well, that’s might be a good idea some time. Wavy hair is getting more and more popular among young people as well as some superstars who work in the showbiz. Likewise, a lot of people tend to straighten their hair so that it looks thinner and slim. Luckily, Apohair have both these two types of hair extensions. Besides, we also have curly hair for those who love that kind of hair.

If you ask me what kind of hair is the most prevalent nowadays, that would be a tough question. It is not that easy to speak objectively what is beautiful and what is ugly since everyone has their own opinion. Anyway, who cares? If you like something then just go for it. Criticism or stereotypes or whatever, just forget about it. Be yourself, be optimistic and be gorgeous.

By the way, don’t forget that Apohair has all the options that you need for a excellent hair extensions. If you need something new instead of your little, crumbled hair, try our hair extensions.