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What is 18 inch weave straight hair?

It is the kind of weave hair which is 18 inches in the length. It is supplied by Apohair company which is a prestigious hair-product company in Vietnam.

The hair is supposed to be one of the finest human hair extensions throughout the world. It is made of 100% of virgin human hair which is no chemicals substances and harm-free the health.

Although it is made of virgin hair, 18 inch weave straight hair is certain to have no insects inside, no tangles and very smooth and soft. You can just imagine how you feel when you touch it.

Alongside with that, the hair looks really natural that can perfectly fits your real hair. You will have nothing to complain about it. With the length to the middle of your back, it will make you a beautiful young lady.

How can I change styles with 18 inch weave straight hair?

People often think that straight hair can be boring and plain. Well, that must be an obsolete opinion because you can also make some other styles from your straight hair.

Some people say that straight hair is for serious people because the straightness of strands make they feel so. Particularly if a person who has straight hair and wear glasses, they do look serious. Now let’s change that stereotype by change the style a little bit.

You can make some little braids on your straight hair. These braids will make you look really feminine and attractive. By doing this, I am sure that no one could say that you are too serious anymore. Instead, they will say that you are so nice and sociable.

You can also have bangs or a side part hair style which will make you look cuter and younger.

Hairstyle is very important to people as it can change one’s whole life. Therefore, don’t hesitate to change your hair while you want to.have 18 inch weave straight hair human hair extension is a wise choice for you.