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When it comes to wigs, there are two options to choose, wigs human hair and synthetic wigs. As far as this article is concerned, we will discuss about how human hair wig is better than the synthetic one.

As you probably know that wigs human hair are often believed to be more natural-looking and natural-feeling. It is made of 100% human hair, so as a matter of fact, it looks completely natural.

Other people will barely recognize that you are wearing a wig when you use human hair. It is also soothing, soft and smooth which synthetic hair could never be like. If you take a good care of it, it will last for more than one year.

Wigs human hair is taken mostly from some Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, China and India. The most beautiful human hair wig should be Vietnamese and Cambodian hair. Thanks to the diet and daily routines that people in these areas can have such gorgeous virgin hair. The hair is bought from girls and women and then made into wigs which you can wear to change your appearance.

The processing of hair can be varied in complication. It depends on each style and color that might take short or long time to make. It is also the basis for the pricing. Of course, producers will make sure that the whole process is harmless to users.

Wigs human hair is now available on the market with many brands. It is good news that customers can choose the most suitable brand and wig style for them. But at the same time, it can be confused to consider which brand is the best one for them that can provide them the high quality products. In Apohair we offer wigs human hair and our customers have no complains about it. Maybe those who have no clue which one they will choose should take this advice.

Lace wigs human hair is the hair which is sewn into the lace that can cover all of your head. In our company which is Apohair company, we also have other types of hair such as I-U-tip clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, machine weft hair and bulk hair.

In addition to lace wigs, our lace closure is the hair which is also sewn into the lace just like wigs, but it is smaller than that. Lace closure can cover a big part of your hair so it can cover up your weakness.

If you are interested, we can introduce to you more information about our hair standards. Those are Single drawn hair, Double drawn hair, Super high quality drawn hair and Euro standard drawn hair. You can understand basically that single drawn hair is the most simple hair and cost least expensive while Euro standard is the hair which costs the highest because it is the most beautiful hair that we have.

And before you go, don’t forget that using a wig can take more time to care about it. You should use more care products which are formulated for processed human hair. Besides, remember to hydrate and condition your hair wigs daily.