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What is 12 inch weave straight hair?

When it comes to hair extensions you will never want to skip products of Apohair  because our products are combined quality with a reasonable price. Whether you like a 12 inch weave straight hair extension or 30 inch, black or blonde, highlight or ombre, we can give it all to you. The texture is designed to have coarse characteristics that blend perfectly with natural hair. We use only the finest 100% ethically sourced Vietnam remy hair direct from Vietnamese women to create this beautiful weave for you.

That is 12 inch weave straight hair extensions with black, light brown, dark brown and blonde color.

What you should know about 12 inch weave straight hair?

12 inch weave straight hair is not the shortest hair extensions that we offer. Many people have the stereotype that hair extensions is very long. In fact, we produce the hair depending on demand, so if our customers want whatever hairstyle, we will do it.

With the length of 12 inch, the hair might be a little bit over your shoulders. This style will make you look so young, active and energetic. In addition to this, you do not have to worry about the annoying thing that caused by long hair. This 12 inch weave straight hair will be just perfect for you to be beautiful and to be convenient even when you cook or do household chores.

A lot of showbiz stars have short weave hair now. It makes them look not only beautiful but also elegant. This is why their fans love them so much.

How can I change the style with 12 inch weave straight hair?

Straight hair is supposed to be the most popular hair style in the world. That is because it is the most natural hair. Almost everyone was born with straight hair (and some with curly hair), so it gives the feeling of something natural, easy to the eyes and simple. It is also really easy to apply on your real hair.

If you have 12 inch weave straight hair, your hair must be natural straight bob, shoulder-hanging straight hair… Those are beautiful hair styles in the world.