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What is 16 inch weave straight hair like?

Straight Vietnam remy hair extensions is one of the most natural-looking hair that Apohair has to offer. It is 16 inch in the length which is kind of a medium length for anyone. You know, it is not very long and not so short, so it looks perfect.

Our hair is 100% of virgin human hair which contains no chemical substances, no harm and all natural.

The hair is sure to have no tangles, no shedding and no insects inside. We promise to make the hair properly so that you will have no problems when you use it.

The strands are straight and smooth enough. You can just use your hands to feel the softy and silkiness of it.

Comparing 12 inch weave and 16 inch weave straight hair

Many people think that these two types of hair do not have so many things to compare, but actually they do. It shows on the way we call it.

First, let me talk about the similarities between these two types. The 12 inch weave straight hair and 16 inch one is the same straight hair which are produced by Apohair. They are both remained in high quality and sold all over the world with highly appreciation of our customers. Both of them look really natural and easy to apply. If you apply them to your virgin straight hair, no one could recognize that you are wearing hair extensions. With the self-explanatory beauty that it has, these two types of hair extensions will be absolute what you need.

Secondly, I am going to talk about the difference between these two types of straight hair. As you probably know that they have different length. One is 12 inch weave and one is 16 inch weave straight hair. This is the only different that they have. If you want to look more girly, maybe 16 inch weave one is highly recommended.

There might be a lot of hairstyles out there, but only some styles can suit you. If you still have no idea which fits you the most, then try our product Apohair 16 inch weave straight hair.