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It is proven not to have any knits, or insects in it. The length of hair is equal, no short hair inside.

20 inches in length seems to be a perfect length for women hair extensions.

It is glossy, emollient and stay-in-place, so you are so likely to look gorgeous to buy it.

Available colors are black, brown, light brown, yellow and mixed highlight.

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How long is 20 inches weave wavy hair?

When it comes to 20 inch long hair, some people might think that it is very long that can cover all their back. However, it does not look that long. As you probably know that the hair is measured when it is straightened, so it will be shorter in wavy shape.

So, what exactly will it look like? Well, 20 inches weave wavy hair actually expands to the middle of your back. You can see the vivid illustration below.

As you can see in the picture, the wavy hair with the same length of straight hair and curly hair might have different look. It is shorter than the straight one and longer compared to the curly one.

Some tips to take care of 20 inches weave wavy hair

A lot of people use Vietnam hair extension without knowing how to take care of it. It might sound good at first, but for a long run it is getting worse. If you want your hair extension last for long time, you’d better take these advices.

  • Use a right comb for your hair extensions. Hair extensions looks like natural hair but it still has some downsides such as easy-to-loss and less soft than the real one. That is the reason why you have to comb it really carefully. It would be the best of you use a large comb.
  • Use hydrating treatment so that your hair extension will be softer and last for longer time. Hair extensions tends to be dried after a period of time. Using hydrating products also make it more beautiful.
  • Do not try to style your hair extension. If you want to make some more styles to change your self-image, you shouldn’t over-style it. I think maybe you can make little braid on it, but don’t use machines to do it. It will ruin your hair.

Having 20 inches weave wavy hair extension is a chance to enhance your appearance. You can turn your little short hair into a long, wavy style. That might be a dream of every woman in the world. Still, do not forget to take care of it properly so you can use it longer.

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Which hair extensions is suitable for me?

First of all, I feel really sorry for you. I hope that you will move on as soon as possible. Here is our advice for you to change your appearance.

I guess you are an introvert person and you do not pay enough attention to your look, right? I know that most guys have an affair due to this reason. I think changing your outfits is one of the best ways to make you look better. But, believe it or not, changing your hairstyle must be much more effective. It would be perfect if you have hair extensions. In Apohair, we have a wide range of hair extensions as well as wigs for you to choose. Let me introduce our products properly to you.

We now offer a lot of types of hair such as bulk hair extensions, tip hair, clip in hair, tape hair, frontal hair extensions and wigs. If you need to change some parts of your hair, you might need hair extensions. Wigs are those with whole head.

Tip hair is the hair which you just need to tip into your hair. We have U tip, I tip, V tip and Flat tip for you to choose. Besides, we have tape hair which has tape so that you can apply easily. Clip in hair extensions must be the most convenient hair. All you need to do is just pin it into your real hair and that’s it. All done. Frontal and closure are those which can cover a part of your head but not your whole head. It is often used to make your hair look thicker.

In addition to that, for all types of hair we have three hair textures. They are straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair. We also have all kind of colors for you to choose. From dark colors such as black, brown and dark brown to light colors such as yellow, ombre, mix highlight and blonde. You can choose whatever colors that you want improve your image.

If you want to ask me about the size and volume of the hair, here is the answer. Apohair produces hair with the length from such long hair like 6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches to very long hair like 30 inches and 32 inches, for all type and textures. We have been working with our customers from all over the world and mostly with the demanding markets such as Europe, America and some parts of Africa. We are so happy to supply to the world the best beauty products.

20 inches weave wavy hair is one of our best-sellers. A lot of people are out there searching for these attractive hair extensions to have a better life. With the natural-looking appearance, having no harm to the health, easy to use and take care of, the hair extensions we provide will satisfy you. If you have any questions or something, just feel free to contact us. Our staff will help you at any time you need.

That is what we have to offer, I believe you will find the best one for yourself.