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Why Virgin weft hair is the right choice for you?

Virgin hair extensions are the right choice for most of girls out there by their own advantages as following:

Improved Styling Options – Chemically treated hair are hard to style as the current blanch or color makes it much more troublesome for the beautician to work upon as they probably won’t acknowledge shading effectively when contrasted with virgin human hair. Additionally, hair that has been treated with synthetic compounds is hard to twist or fix. While 100% virgin hair extensions furnish you with a considerable measure of hair styling choices that creates the best outcomes.

Mixes Easily with Original Tresses – Virgin hair extensions mixes superbly with your common hair and when the shade and shading is precisely the same as your unique hair, it is for all intents and purposes unimaginable for the human eye to separate it your normal hair. Indeed, even an accomplished hair extensions master would not have the capacity to make out the hair extensions.

Simple to Color – One of the most imperative advantages of virgin human hair extensions is that it can be hued and styled according to your decision, remembering a specific haircut (twisted or straight) that you have since a long time ago wanted. The nature of virgin hair is 100% unadulterated and since each set originates from a solitary giver, there is no extension for pollution or debasement.

Delicate Tresses – Most of the occasions, Virgin hair is thought to be substantially milder than Remy hair extensions. In this way, it enables the client to go for a considerable measure of varieties in hairdo. Virgin human hair can be washed, treated and adapted like your unique hair as it has negligible shedding which is likewise an incredible favorable position when contrasted with different kinds of standard engineered hair extensions.

Along these lines, you have to search for the best quality virgin hair from the best hair beauty parlor that gives 100% virgin human hair which is sans tangle and which has insignificant shedding.

What’s special about our 32 inches weave wavy hair

Apohair offers 32 inches weave wavy hair which is 100% original Vietnamese human hair with no toxic substances.

As it says in its name, it’s a 32 inches in the length and wavy shaped, weft together. That makes it look just so beautiful.

Fuss-free, glossy, proven and natural looking is what you can see about this magic human hair extension.

It is also long enough for you to make numerous hair styles, so it is totally worth it.

We now offer 32 inches weave wavy hair in black, brown, light brown, yellow and mixed highlight.

If you are ready to be stunning, click this , we also provide other types like 32 inches weave curly hair  or short as 16 inch weave straight hair

How to take care of such long hair like 32 inches weave wavy hair?

32 inch hair is the longest hair that Apohair offers. It is not only long but also at a high quality. Since it is very long, you need to spend more time to take care of it if you want it to last longer. These are how you do to have a beautiful 32 inches wavy hair.

  • Hang it on after using. Don’t throw your hair into some corners of the room. It might be ruined by insects and get dirty. Hang it or put it in a dry, clean place.
  • Comb it sometimes but do it very gently to avoid damages.
  • Use some nourishing products to make it soft, strong and smooth.
  • Do not use heat dryer or styling machine for hair extensions. This is essential that you have to remember.

These are things you should do when you own hair extensions. If you need more information, please contact us.

Should I choose 32 inches weave wavy hair or wigs?

This is a common question. First of all, let me make it clear by defining these two types of hair.

Weave hair is a part of the whole head. It can cover a part of the head, especially the back head and it is used mostly to make your hair look thicker and full. In contrast, wig is whole-head hair extension. It itself can cover all the head. It has a complete style and shape already.

Now you can imagine the difference between them. You can choose whatever style due to your demand and purpose. 32 inches weave wavy hair is indispensible for someone who loves long hair. If you are interested in this product, visit Apohair website and choose the best one.