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Just because you have natural straight hair doesn’t mean that taking care of it is an easy task. In fact, your natural hair might even a little more day-to-day maintenance, since straight hair is more susceptible to oil, dirt, and moisture. Here are some tips for you to deal with your straight hair and make it fabulous.


Need Regular Shampoos

It is true that your straight hair requires a regular washing schedule. Unlike curly or wavy hair which tend to be drier than normal hair, they need fewer washing times to maintain the moisture. On the other hand, straight is more likely to get build ups, dirt and oil weighting down the hair making it flat and greasy. As the result, you should wash your natural straight hair more regularly with gentle shampoo such as sulfate free shampoo or organic ones to keep your hair strands clean and healthy.


Try Dry Shampoo Between Shower Sessions

Washing your hair with water more frequent doesn’t mean that you have to do it every single day and also, daily hair wash is not recommended because it only strips off your natural oil more easily. Instead, you can opt for dry shampoo in between in order to get of excess oil but still maintain the natural oil level on your scalp. If you are not sure about how to use dry shampoo in a proper way, Here is how: Use your fingers to loosely lift your hair in sections and spray the dry shampoo to the roots. You should keep the bottle about 15 cm away from your hair. Then use your fingers to run through and create some volume to your hair. Dry shampoo is amazing in clean your scalp and make your hair voluminous in a matter of seconds; however, it cannot replace traditional shampoo. The reason is that it builds up over time on your scalp – just like any other product!

Woman combing her wet hair

Woman combing her wet hair

Be Careful With Conditioner

While people with curly hair need more conditioner to boost the curls, some straight-haired women can easily overdo it. This is true when you have fine or thin hair that you cannot control how much conditioner you should put on your hair. In order to be safe, you better choose light conditioner which can nourish your hair without weighing it down or exacerbating oil production. The trick here is that apply conditioner on the ends of your hair first then use your fingers to run upward to the roots. Remember not to apply directly on the roots if you don’t want to get greasy hair after one or two days.

Get the Right Brush

To prevent breakage, you’ll need the right brush at the right time. And for straight-haired ladies, that tool is a paddle brush. Also, instead of plastic one, go for the natural wooden bristle comb for better care. The reason is that wooden bristle comb is easy on your natural hair, great to detangle and even make your hair soft and healthy without causing any irritation or hair breakage at all. You can check out the benefits of this type of comb in our other article.